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CPA Social Media Marketing

Cultivating Your Brand

Because most people utilize some sort of social media platform (and many spend hours a day on them,) you have a tremendous opportunity to engage with them in a positive way.  Whether sharing valuable advice, creating fun and motivational posts, or highlighting what makes you and your business unique, social media is a great place to showcase your accounting knowledge.

Our managed social media solution provides you 30 posts per month to your Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter accounts. We can even run marketing campaigns to generate more accounting prospects to your practice via Facebook advertising.

What’s especially great about Facebook’s advertising platform is that it gives you the ability to target people based on everything from age to location, from interests to behaviors. If you use their ad platform, it’s essentially a billboard that saves you money by only having to pay for your target audience to see your message. Best of all, we can manage the advertising for you, utilizing our knowledge to minimize your cost per lead.

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