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We believe our company is uniquely qualified to help your accounting practice in large part because our founder also owns and operates a financial services business.  Knowing first hand how many accounting practices operate puts us in a unique situation to help you with your marketing needs.

The first step to our three part plan is we make sure your company has a great website, because this is essentially the first opportunity for new prospects to be impressed with you and your practice.  If you have an outdated website with no relevent content, you’re prospects will notice, creating an awful first impression.

Once your website has been updated and you have a professional site with relevent content, you will want to make sure that your local prospects can find your company on Google.  To do this, we optimize your website to make sure that Google (and other search engines) can easily navigate your website and know when to show your website to prospective clients.  This process is called “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO for short.  You may have wondered how other accounting firms show up on the first page of Google when you enter in a keyword phrase such as “tax return professional”… We’ll safe to say, it’s not by accident and we have the experience to put you right at the top of Google for your local market.

Finally, once a prospect can find you on Google we feel strongly that they should see a number of client testimonials telling them how wonderful your accounting practice is.  We have a system that not only automates this process for you, but virtually assures that only the good reviews will be shown on Google as our technology filters out any negative client reviews.  Having a client review is just as good as a personal recommendation and is critical for any accounting practice targeting local clients.

You can purchase our services together or separately as we will customize a package based on your company’s needs.

Client Reviews are as valuable as a personal referral

Put yourself in your prospects shoes for a moment… If you were searching Google for an accountant and you saw one listing with over 100 four star reviews and another accountant with 0 reviews… Which one would you call?  This is exactly why review management is so critical for accountants like yourself!

Professional Website Design

With a MyCPAMarketing website, we’ll help you showcase your practice as a true industry expert.  Our designs are optimized to look great on any device and come loaded with content that would take countless hours to replicate.  Since there is no lengthy design process, it’s as simple as selecting the design that works best for you and letting us take it from there!  Another benefit is that because we are always adding new website designs to keep up with new trends, we provide you the ability to change your website theme anytime you want!

Outstanding Content

When it comes to websites, “Content is King.” Your site’s content – more than any other element – positions you and your firm as an expert. Clients won’t pay you “Expert” rates until you show them what you know. The best way of doing that, outside of a direct one-to-one conversation, is the content on your website. At MyCPAMarketing, we provide top-notch guides and newsletter articles, which are written by accounting and financial professionals at no additional cost. It doesn’t get much better than that!

“We are thrilled with our new website and marketing services and consistently receive compliments from our clients.”

Karen Christmyer|  Operations Manager

Review management

Nothing is more important to a business than its reputation.  We ensure that your prospects find positive reviews from actual clients of your practice and post them to Google and your website automatically.

Let our automation help improve your client prospecting through review generation.  Nothing puts a prospect at ease more than seeing testimonials from your clients about how wonderful you are!

Local Search engine optimization (seo)

If you’re not yet marketing your business online you are missing out on hundreds of clients each year.

At MyCPAMarketing, we help CPAs and accounting firms get up to speed so that they can quickly generate new leads and maximize their marketing dollar. A big part of that is Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which consists of a series of strategies that ensure your website is easily found by internet users for the keywords that are relevant to your practice. Good SEO is what gets your site listed on top of local search results, and it’s a tried-and-true long-term strategy for firms looking to grow.

Technical Support & Hosting

While we do our best to make MyCPAMarketing as “set it and forget it” as possible, we’re also realistic: there are times you will need technical support, and we will be there to help.  With a MyCPAMarketing website, we handle all your ongoing support issues for you.  Whether it’s adding a new employee profile or uploading a new image, we’re here to help.

We’ll also make sure your website’s features are all updated and working properly.  We backup your website weekly, and our servers daily, ensuring if anything bad ever happens we can get your site up and running again in no time.

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