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Positive reviews are the best way to build instant credibility with prospective clients, we ensure this happens for you!



Online reviews provide instant credibility to prospective clients.

If you want to generate immediate trust from prospective clients, having positive online reviews is the most effective way to do this.  In fact, studies show that people trust recent reviews almost as much as a recommendation from a friend.  Because of how heavily reviews can impact the buying process, you’ve got to take your reviews seriously. That means consistently generating positive reviews, responding quickly to negative reviews, and doing your best to control what reviews users see.  But, as you probably know, that can be a lot of work. Fortunately now with MyCPAMarketing’s review management system, we’ve provided a system that automatically generates positive Google reviews to help increase your company’s reputation.

Put yourself in your prospects shoes for a moment… If there were two accounting practices to choose from and one had a 4.5 star rating with over 100 reviews and the other had zero reviews, which company would you call first?  

How it all works…

You provide us with a database of your clients each month (name & email) and we will reach out to them to ask if they had a positive experience with your accounting practice.  If they have a positive experience we ask if they would provide a Google review to help other potential customers like themselves learn more about your practice.

Within our email, they select a rating (1-5 stars) and if they select a 4 or 5 star rating we continue the process to directing them to post a Google review… If they select a 1-3 star rating, we have a pop-up window that allows them to communicate directly with you about their concerns, at which point you can follow up and address with them privately. We don’t send them to Google to post something negative!

Our technology is designed to give you 4-5 star ratings on Google!  How powerful would it be to have 50 or more 4-5 star reviews?

Posts to your website

Our platform allows us to aggregate client reviews from all over the internet, including Facebook, Google, Yelp and many more… We then automatically post those reviews to a dedicated page on your website for future prospects to read about how good you are.

Only want 5 star reviews on your website?  Our system will automatically filter out anything below 5 stars, you select what you want to post automatically.

Everything done for you…

Now that you understand how important generating positive reviews are to your business, implementing on your own will take many hours and there’s a high likelyhood that you will still be without any reviews without our technology.

Our marketing team is able to handle all of this for you and ensure your reputation continues to shine with fresh testimonials from satisfied clients every month. Not only that, our technology ensures that unhappy clients will be able to vent their frustration without having the whole world see it… Allowing you to respond and deal with the issue with full confidentiality.

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