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Integrated Productivity Tools for Accounting Firms

The internet is great for marketing, no question. And while we love helping firms use the internet to grow their businesses through marketing, there’s a lot more opportunity that comes with using the internet and technology – even after a lead becomes a client.

At My CPA Marketing, our goal is to help you use these technologies to make your client experience seamless, secure, and hassle-free. After all, growing your client list doesn’t end with getting them to jump onboard: half of the battle is keeping them there.

Credit Card Processing

Just as you need to be able to rely upon a secure system when it comes to dealing with sensitive client information, you also need to be able to receive payments in a way that doesn’t make your clients nervous. Of course, it’s also ideal for this to be as convenient as possible, which is what our credit card processing system stands on: secure convenience.

Our Client Portal

Although technology has opened up all kinds of new opportunities in a ton of industries and verticals, it’s also opened up more opportunities for scammers and hackers to get all of your information and use it against you. As we’ve seen lately in the news, you might not even know about it, and there’s little recourse you can take.

Because of that, it’s unlikely that you – or your clients – want to send sensitive information over regular email channels. That’s why we think you’ll love our secure online portal. With it, your clients can easily send you information and documents over a secure system, without the concern of their information being lost or stolen. You get loads of storage, can manage all of your documents from one user-friendly interface, and give your clients the peace of mind they deserve.

Site Management

If you have some experience trying to design, develop, and maintain your own website, you understand what a hassle it can be. There tend to be a lot of moving parts, you don’t know how to access or change half of it, and even adding something simple can take you all weekend.

With a My CPA Marketing site (and the many tools that come along with it), those struggles will become distant memories. Now, you’ll be able to easily make changes or add content whenever you’d like, and it’s all amazingly simple. No support tickets, no worrying that you’ve screwed something up, no struggling for hours or days trying to make a simple change. Just simple, easy, and quick.

Let Us Show You the Power of SEO

CPA Site Solutions’ team of SEO professionals has knowledge of the accounting industry and the online marketing expertise required to deliver SEO that increases your search engine ranking and drives traffic to your website. If you’re ready to see what we can do for you please contact a CPA Site Solutions Internet Marketing Advisor.

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