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Email Marketing is a Powerful, Reliable Tool for Marketing Your Accounting Practice

Email marketing is one of the oldest and cost effective forms of internet marketing. The reason it works so well is because it’s a direct, personal means of communication that allows you to send specific, highly targeted messages to individuals. Because of the personalized nature of email, they’re much more likely to take notice than if it were, say, a banner ad.  Also, unlike most forms of digital advertising, email is permission-based, meaning people are only going to receive your emails on a consistent basis if they choose to, giving you a targeted audience full of potential leads and clients.

If you aren’t collecting emails and growing a contact list, you’re missing out on some opportunities.

How Does Email Marketing for Accountants Work?


While the possibilities are pretty much endless, there are a number of email marketing tactics that we have found to work really well. That includes things like sharing unique, valuable content, promoting special offers, and maybe most effective; telling real life examples of ways you have helped your clients.  These messages will help keep your firm top of mind to your contacts twelve months a year, not just during tax season.


How My CPA Marketing Can Help…



The most difficult part of email marketing is producing content and being disciplined to send it every two weeks.  Some can, but most won’t remember to do this consistently. That’s where we come in..

Not only will we create engaging content for your contacts, but we can also manage the whole process for you, meaning you won’t need to worry about it at all!  We’ll write and send two emails per month, track engagement and then show you who to reach out to based on their interest in our content.  You can even supplement our emails with your own messages.

If you’re not consistently reaching out to your clients and prospects, you’re leaving the door open for competitors to steal your clients.  Let us automate this important task for you.

Let Us Show You how email marketing can help with your client retention

My CPA Marketing provides clients with a state-of-the-art marketing platform that will automate many of your client retention and reputation management tasks.  Send us an email below to see a demo of our platform…

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