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Myth vs Reality – FANS on Social Do NOT Equal Business Growth

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On Facebook, there is a common misconception that how much engagement your posts get, how many likes your page has OR how many comments and shares that you get equals more business.

Here is why engagement doesn’t equal success and what you SHOULD be focusing on.

1 – On Facebook, it’s about setting up your campaign to address the desired business outcome, NOT proxy metrics.

2 – When you use Page Post Engagement or Page Likes as a strategy, you are targeting only clicky users & optimizing for engagement (liking, commenting, sharing). So you aren’t even optimizing for someone who would want to shop from your website, schedule an appointment, etc.

3- Clicky (those likely to engage or like your page) users are more expensive (typically 5.5x) – this is because only 10% of people on Facebook are “clicky,” and you’re competing with every other advertiser on the platform who also targets this subset of users.

4 – Despite clicky users being more expensive, there is no correlation between someone “clicking” an ad and driving brand awareness or conversions (Nielsen study). In other words, not only are you spending more to target them, but it ultimately leads to increased page likes vs. real brand value.

5 – 90% of those who purchase, never clicked on an ad, so paying for clicky users undermines who you’re able to reach and thereby activate. Think about this – do you ever click on ads or like the pages of brands like Tide detergent, Adidas, Pepsi, etc.? Maybe sometimes, but most likely, your purchase behavior and website behavior is a much larger indicator of purchase intent.

6 – Harvard Business Review Article ( What is the value of a like? (Spoiler Alert: Liking a brand on Facebook doesn’t change behavior or increase purchasing). So getting more likes equals just that… more likes. Not more sales or business.

7 – SOLUTION! Do not boost your ads to increase engagement, get more profile views or page likes unless ultimately that is all you care about.

The better alternative? Consider more meaningful metrics for success, like brand recall & conversions.

More specifically…
-Target users who are either likely to pay attention to your ad (Brand Awareness objective)
– Watch your video (Video Views objective)
-View your website (Landing Page View)
-Or, Purchase your products (Website Conversions objective)

…depending on where that targeted customer is in the advertising funnel.

And, if you’re targeting those likely to take these actions, do not expect engagement! That is not your goal, nor is it theirs.

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